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Music and Lyrics: Laura Watkins
Book: Nicholas David Brandt

Every year, a seemingly harmless convention center in beautiful downtown San Diego is overrun by a scene unlike any you’ve ever seen… Comic-Con – a place where fans, wannabes, and pop culture icons mix, mingle, and party. This year promises to be the greatest Con of all time as fallen-from-grace film icon Allen Gray pulls a ‘Willy Wonka’ and offers to make one special attendee’s dream come true in the form of a movie deal.

Anna journeys to Comic-Con in the hopes of getting her fanfic validated by her idol, DB Coates – creator of her favorite comic book series Vempire and the basis for all of her writing.  Jason wants people to read and geek-out over a comic book of his own creation, Super Christian Psychic Alcoholic Alien Detective. (Inspired by his mom.)(Don’t ask.)  Drew attempts to find the collectable missing from his shelf and his life, a character that may only exist in his mind and on his sketch pad.

To achieve their goals, they must overcome: an egotistical idea thief, their own insecurities, and oh yeah, actual aliens.  With a little luck, a little guidance from a Dungeon Master, and a healthy dash of friendship and imagination, our intrepid trio just might save their idol, Comic-Con, and the world! (And, in doing so, make Comic-Con once again safe from alien invaders and douchebags!!!)  

What can you expect from Comic-Con the Musical?

A little bit of BAM and a whole lot of POW!